Tymond Grudgekeeper

Keeper of Grudges, Twister of Fates, Caster of Lightning


Tymond is a rather frail-looking dwarf – at least as far as dwarves go. He is old, with gray hair and wrinkles, with the occasional cough. He spends most of his days in his archives, searching for lost histories or hints of the past contained in his family’s hall – the Hall of Grudges.

He is a master of the elements, bending them to his will, as well as a practitioner in the art of divination. Both of these skills are like simple tools in his eyes – a means to an end, rather than his being as a whole. With his family’s ancient divination dice, carved from the bones of his forefathers, he hopes to one day uncover the tomes of knowledge of the lost clans.


Tymond was born in a long line of Grudgekeepers – a noble clan in the dwarven holds. The holds would keep artifacts called the Book of Grudges, where all the past transgressions against the hold’s residents would be kept. The Grudgekeepers were always consulted before making deals of trade or supplies, in order to be sure the receivers were worthy of the trade, or if their ancient ancestors had offended the hold, and had been yet to pay their toll.

From an early age, Tymond discovered this to be incredibly boring. The book he presided over was quite static. Only a great offense to the holds were ever recorded, and the status never changed. What he did find interesting, however, was the lore behind these entries. The Book of Grudges was central to the lore of a hold.

It spoke of their hardships, their wars, and their bitter defeats. It also spoke volumes for the ones that had their grudges crossed out – a very rare feat only achieved by the dedicated few.

Tymond quickly found ways to assign tasks of record-keeping and delegating to the younger members of his clan, and took it upon himself to travel out to other holds to find lost Books, and uncover more ancient lore for his people.

Tymond Grudgekeeper

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